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POTTER & Teacher

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The idea I strive to convey and express in my work and in my teaching is a crossing of the traditional Greek Canon of Proportions and elements of Eastern thought.

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About me

I'm Craig Clark, a potter and teacher. This website reflects my relationship with clay, teaching, life and art. It is set up to facilitate the teaching of basic and advanced pottery, the sharing of information about clay and is a means by which to showcase my craft and art.

If you have any questions about my work, are interested in learning about clay and taking lessons, or would just like to drop by the studio one day, please send me an e-mail, text, or in the "old school way", give me a call.

About me


Pottery classes from Old School Clay are held at my fully equipped, professional studio, centrally located in the Houston Heights, easily accessible from Interstate 10 and from the 610 Loop. I offer private lessons and group classes for all ages from children to adults. Having taught for fifteen years, I am able to structure pottery classes for students who are just beginning with clay as well as those who are seeking advanced instruction. If you're looking for the most basic instruction, trying to enhance existing skills, or require professional development as a Professional Art Educator in Ceramics, I can help.

Basic instruction consists of an introduction to what clay is, basic methods of working with clay, understanding what happens to clay as it goes through the forming, drying and firing stages, learning about and making glazes, and learning how to fire a kiln. Students will learn to make pottery that is Raku fired, low fired or high fired in an electric kiln. For those who are interested, I can also provide instruction on basic kiln building.

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